From His Mouth to My Ears

“You are empowered in the dynamic of God’s strength; HIS MIND IS MADE UP ABOUT YOU! He enables you to be strong in endurance and steadfastness with joy.” Colossians 1:11 (Mirror Word Bible)

I love Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. My love comes from knowing His love and learning from Him. He is the true judge, yet looks upon me with compassion and sympathy; He is omniscient, yet stoops low to hear my thoughts and prayers; He is Self-Sufficient, yet is after me with relentless pursuit screaming: BELOVED, MY MIND IS MADE UP ABOUT YOU. MY AFFECTIONS ARE SET UPON YOU drowning my doubts. It is not earned, but only freely given. He is irresistible, inescapable, undeniable, and charming. He brings the twinkle in my eyes and clothes me anew with innocence in our oneness, where peace abounds. I am smitten, taken, and not afraid to be shaken by the storm of His violent, yet tender love. Be gentle with me Lord! I will remember your very words to me from not long ago “In Surrender, is your strength”. I am in good hands.
My soul exalts My Savior and My God, My Wealth! My Love!