To my Daughter of Promise

To my daughter of Promise….

This had to be written, said, …..spoken over you my beloved.
I want you to know that your origin was in the invisible God….in His thought, in His breath delivered to me as a promise (a writting–a drawing on a wall at plain elementary school) which I accepted by faith..
He chose you. In His amazing orchestrated wisdom and redeeming plan, God put your father and I from unlikely backgrounds to be your covering here on earth, your home. The love I have for your father stems from the love that His maker and Hisloverhas for him. I am reminded that God’s handy prints are all over him, his likeness. I want you to remember that the verybreath that is in your lungs is God’s and all are on borrowed breath until it returns for Him. It is He who spoke you into existance and your father and I are stewards of that gift.

Dear daughter of the Most High God
Remember the following:
The Lord God is your Maker;
The Lord God is your Lover;
The Lord God is your Husband;
The Lord God is your Provider;
The Lord God is your Healer;
The Lord God is your Protector;
The Lord God is your defender;
You are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.
Praise Be His Holy name

Dear daughter should you hear anything contrary than the above reality please search for God’s truth in His holy wordso that He may guide you in holy truth. If any name, person, or authority exalts itself above God’s name and authority speak the truth and stand on unshaking and firm ground. Do not waiver. God has got your back.
Should accusations and condemnations arise regarding you gender, color, race,age, or your worth know that they come from the mouth of the accuser of the brethren, Satan himself. Remember that you are the reflection of the Master, your maker God. It is He who has chosen your parents, He who has chosen your birthplace, He who has chosen your birth year, He who has chosen your race, and He who has chosen your habitation, He who has chosen the length of your days here on earth, and He who chosen your spouse for you (because He is about generational blessing and salvation). Dwell in God’s truth and reject the enemy’s lies.

You are a promise in the making and I cant wait to meet you and stand as a testimony of the Most High God and His
wonderful deeds to me. Though you are but just a seed I have prayed over you and blessed you with heavenly blessings. You are His. I bless your spoken word and life giving spirit. I submit to the purpose of heaven and gladly raise my hands in Praise. Standing and waiting by faith,

your loving Mother Mimi Ayele