To be among the seraphs in the throne room of God (Isaiah 6) when they echoed to each other and their Creator:

“HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord Almighty; The whole earth is filled with His Glory” as they were hiding their faces with 2 of their six wings; hiding their feet with another 2 of their wings and hovering over their God in Celebration of His true Nature: HOLY AND GOOD. Today is March 17th and my devotion this very morning read a promise:  The Lord is my Shepherd. Psalm 23:1 would soon be dispersed among his my friends and how naïve of me to think that He would not display it throughout the day as to permanently carve it in my mind’s eye….so I will not forget it.

The end of came in the early evening hours (7:30pm) and as I sat in the parking lot of the company I work for, the Odometer read 80 miles worth of gas left in my tank to get home to Austin, TX. Earlier that morning, it was evident that I had under-budgeted for my fuel expenses in the new car that God gifted me after my accident on February 20th. My gas light had come on at exit 206 about 50 miles from work. I had to get to work and so I reasoned, I have $1.02 left in my account until tomorrow (money would be deposited by midnight), therefore if I put in exact $6.00 of gas it will get me to work and the Lord will is faithful to get me home tonight (the manner in which He would intervene would be to his choosing). This transaction would put me at -$4.98 which is under the amount which would accrue overcharge fees of $34.00. God knew I had a need….

As I warmed the car and adjusted my radio station/sounds for the trip back, I noticed that the mileage calculator has slipped down to 74 miles worth of gas left for trip when Austin is 86 miles away. I told God, I do not want to charge my debit card money I didn’t have and accrue fines and I started driving back trusting……My flesh was billowing with “What ifs”, but my spirit was unmoved. I drove under the speed limit by 2-5 miles and I saw something miraculous happen: a matching competition between the miles left to Austin an the available gas left in tank. I touched the stirring wheel and asked for divine favor, a miraculous provision and my tank mileage capacity started surpassing mileage left to Austin, TX by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and yes 11 miles worth of gas left when I reached home. I turned off my engine and lingered in the car praising Him and proceeded to my spiritual haven and stepped out onto the balcony to echo just as the Seraphs did ” HOLY, HOLY, HOLY……” and “You are a good Father, a good shepherd, It is good to be your daughter”. In the midst of my worshipped I remembered his name and declared “Jehovah Rohi” as I was starring at the stars SELAH! A breeze brushed over my cheeks…such a welcome response.

Then I heard “RA” all around me and inside my spirit. I uttered why am I hearing “RA” Father and entered the apartment and grabbed my I-phone and googled “RA” and its Hebrew meaning and it dawned on me that He spoke His name Himself:  JEHOVAH-RAAH, The Lord is my shepherd. I felt Like Moses in Exodus 34

The article further elaborated that variant spelling have been used: JEHOVAH-ROHI; JEHOVAH-RO’EH. It continued: A shepherd, one who feeds or leads his flock to pasture (Ezekiel 34:11-15) and delivered an extended translation of this word , REA’, is “FRIEND” or “COMPANION” screaming the closeness and intimacy He desires with His Beloved and together it reads “THE LORD IS MY FRIEND”. (BLOGS.BLUELETTERBIBLE.ORG)

As one overwhelmed by the Hurricane of His Love and Revelation, I knelt at my couch and covered my eyes bowed down in Prayer and Thanksgiving…

TRULY, THIS WAS MY RIGHTFUL PLACE….lowered by His Majesty. Overwhelmed and Surrendered.

Even now, He whistles through the air and branches outside touching the deepest part of me. My cup runneth over!!!!!

Psalm 23:1: The Lord s my Shepherd. I LACK NOTHING.


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