The Good Samaritan

God recently reminded me of the following scripture:

1 Corinthians 2:9
9 However, as it is written: “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived” — the things God has prepared for those who love him—

How better depicted by what He did the Eve of my 42nd Birthday. This was an exciting time for me as God had spared and preserved my life from a horrible accident on the 20th of February which totaled my 2015 KIA FORTE with all three Airbags deployed on the Driver Side and a shaken lad with a bump on her head and left contused shoulder. From the Police officer to all the EMT and Fire Personnel who were there to comfort my family across the Pond and tend to me: Thank You.

So as you can see, this was a welcomed celebration of His sustenance. I had met with my sister in Christ “M” and we enjoyed some mean NY style Pizzas at Home Slice (Note: Does food make you want to break into a song….well that slice did) with some Greek Salad and of course who better to embarrass me than “M”. She hinted it was my birthday and carried on a conversation with the good fellow taking our orders. My efforts to shush them was dismissed as they tortured me to announce it to the world at Hand. The gentleman tending to us gave me a consolation price: Italian Style Tiramisu….. Forget high cholesterol or being conscious of my sugar intake….I will corrupt this body with all that is Italian. It is my day. As we sat in the center of this cozy haven buzzing with hungry Austinites, many sweet and funny conversations took places: A momentous time stamped in my minds eye. My friend “M” had homework to do so I tagged along with her until my disappearing acts lured by the mom and pops shops along congress street got her more distracted and we called it a day. She blessed me with a gift card affording me an opportunity to get lost in the creative world of Disney. You guessed it “Beauty and the Beast” was on the Menu….3D style.

My evening was planned. I stopped at a gas station along the way to fill up when something shining got my attention on one of my back tires as I walked back to my car to fill up….You guessed it. It was a piece of metal sticking out of my tire and illuminated by the SON. I had mixed emotions. I went straight to Walmart to see if they can patch it up, but the area which the nail chose to enter OR exit was in the “irrecoverable” spot. A new tire was needed. My emotions were now tested. My next question was: is this drivable at least for a while. Since there was no leakage coming out and the nail was acting as a cork, a small venture would not hurt but with the inevitable task to replace the tire. I got home and contacted the dealership where I got my replacement vehicles: “A gift from God”. I inquired of my coverages and warranties. And Happy Birthday to me! It was and I was off on Monday when the service center would be open….so I was back into making the most out of the day. I went to the Cinema and as I got there the low tire pressure light came on. Okay Lord! Plans were made to first and go enjoy my childhood movie come to life as I didn’t want to stay out late. The time was 10:20pm when the movie let out and I made the call to road side assistance, courtesy of Mazda with ETA 11:02pm and plenty of time left to relax to usher in Sunday Morning. 11:02pm came and went and it was now 11:25pm and my attempt to get the whereabouts of the POP-A-LOCK servicemen were to no avail. I got a text that He won’t be there for another 30min-40min….Is this really happening? The area I was parked in was getting deserted despite the many reassuring stops made by the security officer of the small plaza made to check on the progress of the help dispatched. I decided to drive where there where some businesses where finishing up for the day. My phone has entered sleep mode and I asked some of staff members could allow me to use their phone to check on status when FROST’s owner’s wife came and asked what was happening. Once my tale unfolded, she without hesitation went inside to grab her husband Anthony to change my tire. Gratitude filled my heart as he assessed the defective tire and the spare and the gadgets with which to make the swap. He would crawl under the car to find the spot which to set up the Jack to change my tire. His wife assisted in lighting his work area as well as charge my now drained I-phone. I kept on saying: YOU ARE THE GOOD SAMARITAN. God bless you for this. He responded, “I hope someone would do this for my wife should she find herself in the same situation.” He understood! I reflected his wife, his mother, his loved ones and He would treat me accordingly. He was on all 4s and on his back on the asphalt and my spare was now on 5 minutes to midnight! His goodness had already overwhelmed me before my Birthday.

It has been a while since I had attended church since the accident, but I had promised God that I would be there to celebrate it with him on Sunday. Before, I left I felt led to write a thank you note and titled it more or less “the good Samaritan” blessing them both for their selflessness and their kindness and anything pertaining them and their business. This was to be delivered after worship. I arrived at church sank in my chair and just sat with eyes closed fixed on Christ. Surprise Me for my birthday Lord were my prayers the last two days. Oh, he took me up on it!

When Pastor Randy started the sermon and mentioned that today’s title is “UNDER THE HOOD” I was wide eyed: See Below

The Pastor continued and yes, it was about “the Good Samaritan” who literally was under my car and putting my spare on to get me home safely. My heart stopped momentarily in Awe and Shock lost between the collision of two worlds: the visible and the invisible. I am sure my eyes bugged out in amazement. I treasured this in my heart with now a God story to share with my walking/talking Samaritans who have been there for me the night before. I went into FROST and the place was buzzing as usual and his beautiful wife came to great me. She said “I am glad you made it home safely. My husband is out.” Not a problem I reasoned, you are the one this message is for I concluded. I handed her my hand written note now powered by the message of the living one and my tongue tried to keep up with all the wonderful things I had witnessed since yesterday with the punch line: Today is my birthday and I just came from church and guess what the message was about? THE GOOD SAMARITAN! Guess what the title was: UNDER THE HOOD! God was talking about you. She looked at me in amazement and we parted after an embrace and a promise that she will check out Life AUSTIN Sermon on March 26th. Talk about stamping my Birthday with HIMSELF. He showed Himself through these beautiful Persian people who may not yet know Him. May They be found in Him!

Song of Solomon 6:3
I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies.


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